Our Programs

- Education Combined With Technology -

LifeLine is portal and mobile technology along with content & education provided to collegiate recovery and addiction treatment programs to educate others on substance abuse and addiction, enhance their recovery and reduce relapse rates.  SafetyNet is a subscription program for parents to raise their understanding of addiction risks, give them strategies to prevent substance misuse and use the mobile application to keep their children safer.

Collegiate Recovery

Collegiate recovery programs nationwide provide a safe environment for students to help balance their academic life their commitment to recovery. The opportunity exists for 4,400 colleges to have a collegiate recovery community leading to higher graduation rates, fewer relapses, and higher GPAs. Out technology program automates the collegiate recovery program to free up staff time, direct student activities, provide high-quality content & education serve as many students as possible, raise awareness of the program, and generate funding to operate. Explore our Collegiate Recovery Program

LifeLine for Treatment Programs

LifeLine provides treatment programs with technology to create a structured aftercare and family support program to keep clients and their families connected to treatment, increase accountability and structure, provide connections to therapy and virtual support groups, deliver wellness and recovery education. We help programs reduce the rates of relapse in the critical first year after treatment and extend the revenue relationship they have with their client and family. Explore our LifeLine Program

SafetyNet for Parents

Statistics from SAMHSA reveal that 90% of individuals develop the disease of addiction by the time they leave high school putting 1 in 10 children at risk. However, most families fail to spot the warning signs, educate their children about the risks, and implement a safety plan. SafetyNet is a subscription service for parents that includes education to keep their children safer along with a mobility platform with built-in compliance, tracking, and safety features, all designed to reduce the onset of the disease of addiction and alert if the child is at risk.  Explore SafetyNet