The Portal Network

- Hub & Spoke  Connects Portals to a   Content  Network    -

Hub and Spoke manages and delivers content, training & marketing to multiple portals across the portal network providing a continuous stream of updated information.

Hub & Spoke

Each portal is unique and branded for the program and networked together with InterAct's proprietary Hub & Spoke technology. Content, catalogs, and events are all created & managed in the hub site and duplicated on spoke portals. Reports detail viewer and member activity across the network.

Funding for Non-Profits

Generate funding through sponsorships, donations, or corporate participation. Companies show their support by requesting home page banners, featured content, or content catalogs inside a program's portal. Links connect supporters to donation platforms provided by the portal network.

Segmented into Catalogs

The hub site segments information into content catalogs and duplicates the entire catalog onto a spoke portal. Spoke portals have their own catalogs and management of those catalogs can be delegated to individuals so that others can help populate content.

Training & Events

Add live or webinar training events to the calendar on the hub site and have those events display on the calendars in one or more of the spoke portals. Invite individuals to participate, track who has registered and monitor who attends.

Post & Duplicate

Post content, training, and events in the hub site and automatically duplicate them on one or more of the spoke portals immediately or on a schedule. Post types created on the hub site (articles, case studies, etc.) are automatically added to spoke portals.

Generate Revenue

Allow 3rd parties to apply to become catalog owners to post information about their organizations. Use the home page to offer paid banner or feature box placements and featured content posts. Motivate companies or individuals to donate and link them automatically to donation sites.

Conduct Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are created on the hub site and made available for programs to deliver to their email list to raise program awareness, attract potential participants or encourage sponsorship. Every email campaign comes complete with 4 outbound emails, a customized sign up page and reports that detail campaign success.

Report on Activity

Spoke portals record each time an individual logs in, visits a catalog, interacts with content posts, registers for an event, or fills out a form. It also records non-member views and the success of email campaigns. Access reports on activity across the network from the hub.